Golfers Etiquette

Over the past few weeks there have been a few incidents regarding stray balls nearly hitting our greenkeepers. Please respect them and their well-being as they work on the course.

A golfer should wait until the way ahead is clear before playing a shot – this applies whether the person ahead is a greenkeeper, another golfer or a member of the public.

Golfers have a duty of care not to put others at risk as a result of their actions.

This is covered in the “Etiquette Behaviour On the Course” section of the rules of golf.

Shout “FORE” if your shot is likely to go in the vicinity of any person, or if a blind shot is likely to end up near any person playing another hole such as a hook at the 3rd tee going towards the 6th green or hooking off the 14th tee towards the 16th fairway.

Also don’t forget about the welfare of the course as you play.


Thank you.

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